Client Testimonials

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"Always receive great service from you all. Blessed to have somewhere reasonable and well trained staff to bring our furry family members to for their regular maintenance. Thanks!"

"I'm fortunate to find a good affordable place to take my pet! It's almost unheard of."

"It is nice to have a clinic that provides quality routine care for my pets at a reasonable cost. Thank you!"

"Everything was as expected. I expect great care from a fabulous vet and that is what I always get. My expectations are high and they are met. Thanks for always taking such good care of my pets"

"Always happy with the service at your clinic."

"My dog, Brady, always gets exceptional tender loving care at Dr. Courville's clinic. Great staff and they are quick to serve us. Thank you!"

"I appreciate your keeping my pet healthy at such a reasonable price. I'm a senior with limited income and it makes a big difference. Your staff is always pleasant and helpful. Keep up the good work."

"Our dog just LOVES Dr Jeff and the staff at the Piedmont Wellness Clinic. Everyone is so helpful and friendly. They take the "ugh" mentality out of going to the vet! Always a great visit."

"I was very please with the whole process. From the front desk receptionist to the technician and then to the doctor, it all flowed smoothly and in doing so, it instilled confidence that my baby was being will taken care of. I would encourage anyone to bring their pets there."

"Dr Jeff Courville is very compassionate, caring, and honest. He will not recommend anything for your pet that is not absolutely necessary. To keep a low-cost facility open and running like this takes a professional who truly cares about and fights for the animals, saving ones that might under other circumstances be put to sleep, and not about the money he could make otherwise. His rates for vaccines allow people to have a pet who ordinarily could not afford to have an animal due to the high costs vets charge for their services. There are so many low income families who would love to adopt an animal, thereby saving its life. If more doctors would charge less for vaccines which are imperative in raising an animal, especially if that animal ever goes into a vet office or is kept by a facility while their owner is on vacation, etc. Dr. Courville sacrifices his income to help low income/retired individuals keep their animals and also to promote the adoption of animals by these same individuals, thereby saving the lives of numerous cats and dogs. His staff is very knowledgeable, efficient, and very cordial to customers. I'm very thankful for the Spay/Neuter and Wellness Clinic and tell everyone I can about them."  

"Polite and patient staff. They always have a smile on their face that let's you know that they're here to help and take care of your pets. They always do an awesome job."

"Every time I come in with my baby, all staff members treat me and her with extra care and respect. I can tell they truly love what they do."

"Doctor Jeff and the Piedmont Communities staff are always friendly, professional, and courteous."

"I've been coming to ya'll for years and have always been pleased. I recommend everyone I know to you and greatly appreciate your service!"